Teacher Training and professional development

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As architects of the future in an evolving and fast changing world, teachers need to be exposed to best practices that will ensure they are constantly re-inventing their practices and elevating student performance school wide. Our trainings for educators aim at ensuring practical application with follow up sessions to ensure implementation of practices within classroom.

Courses include:

Authentic assessment

Of the three educational elements, the quality of assessment is the major driver. However most of our schools lack the essential assessment repertoire that captures all learning goals. This course sets the assessment flag high and provides world class approach towards assessing authentic learning.

Curriculum development and Unit planning

The focus of this course is to engage teachers in the robust art of curriculum development with emphasis on creating quality units. With unit planning, teachers develop an overarching view and scope of the essentials of learning. This propels a more professional approach towards teaching topic content as such are taught as tools towards the achievement of the unit goals.

Blooms taxonomy

The higher levels of thinking within the blooms taxonomy remains an untapped territory within most of our curriculum and schools. With years of effective integration of the higher levels of thinking within our curriculum, this course gets at the heart of the whole higher level thinking skills that ensure that our students are prepared for global competitiveness.

Data driven instruction

Schools are driven by data but many of our schools lack data gathering mechanism and even when they do, the thorough analysis process that facilitates re-teaching is missing. This course Data Driven Instruction provides the tools for effective data gathering and analysis of data with a focus on identifying learning gaps and closing them.