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We thrive in people development as our commitment to improve Pupils and Teachers has been our constant passion and drive.

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Teacher Training and professional development

As architects of the future in an evolving and fast changing world, teachers need to be exposed to best practices that will ensure they are constantly re-inventing their practices and elevating student performance school wide. Our trainings for educators aim at ensuring practical application with follow up sessions to ensure implementation of practices within classroom.

Courses include..

To meet the demands of the 21st century School and increase teaching effectiveness, educational leaders must constantly improve on and increase their leadership skills. School wide pedagogy and student improvement relies heavily on the quality of leadership and supervision provided by the leaders. Most of the changes and improvements schools need are facilitated and led by effective leaders in a professional learning environment. We have thus created the most effective platform for educational..

Educational and Instructional Leadership Workshops

Consulting Services

PURD offers consulting solutions that will enable your school to reach its performance targets.

We have the most innovative on-site solution, including professional learning, mentoring and coaching support for instructional leaders and teachers that are customizable, aligned, and differentiated to meet the needs and goals of your school community.

Parental Workshops

We believe that parents must be educated in order to effectively partner and support the work of educators. Thus we have created a robust package of different programs that enable parents to parent effectively. Our major communication channel is through your P.T.A forums.