Teachers Master Class

In an era of change and dynamism, the teaching professionals must become sophisticated and highly evolving in order to effectively meet the learning needs and teaching demands ahead of them. If teachers hope to remain relevant, then we must ensure that our pedagogy is relevant and acquainted with the revolution and demands of the 21st century. To ensure that teachers remain at the frontier of equipping for the future, we offer this course Teachers Master Class as the cutting edge practices empowering educators for proficiency and expertise in an ever changing world. Participants of this course have become pedagogy leaders in their respective schools.


  • In pursuit of understanding
  • Student discipline and motivation
  • Authentic Assessment
  • Unit design and planning




  • Rigor based teaching
  • Evaluative criterias
  • Differentiated instruction
  • Advanced concept in Unit design and planning


  • Data driven instruction
  • Implementing integrated curriculum
  • Teaching in a professional learning environment


  • Project Based Learning
  • Integrating 21st century skills
  • Leadership skills for teachers